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# Daskon

Daskon – Back story. Set in 1707 – 1721

Well this is for all those Daskon fans out there. This post would tell you what the back story of Daskon and who the Crown Prince Pundasala is.
Spoilers ahead….be careful cause u may be tempted to know moreJ
 Daskon is a French descendant Sri Lankan Prime Minister who fell in love with Pramila Devi (Sri Lankan Queen). It is a story of love, betrayal, power and royalty. The Kandyan Kingdome (1600 – 1782AD) was one of the strongest of its time and it prevented the Dutch and the British from conquering Sri Lanka for 19 years.
The Crown Prince is Vira Parakrama Narendra Singha the last Sinhala King of Sri Lanka. He was the son of King Vimaladharamasurya II. The Prince also named as Crown Prince Pundasala came to throne when he was 17 years and reigned for 32 years. He devoted himself to the furtherance of literature and religion and lived in peace with the Dutch Invaders. He was from the “House of Dinajara”. His coronation happened in 1707 after the death of his father as depicted in the drama. 

He reigns from 4th June 1707 to 13th May 1739. Since he had no children his wife’s brother Sri Vijaya Rajasinha a Nayakkar nationality from South India became King.
Well in the drama much is not said of Daskon and so it is in history but I’m sure Jackson Anthony would fill in these spaces as the drama develops.  The biggest fear I have is that the friendship between the Crown Prince lather the King would be destroyed through the love that emerges between Queen Pramila and Daskon. I think there will be many crying scenes where we will have to cry buckets and the good Crown Prince will turn to a bad King Narendra Singha in my eyes especially since the drama is named Daskon. So the obvious protagonist is Daskon who has to be portrayed well.

In an interview with the program House Full Jackson Anthony pointed out that the love story between Pramila and Daskon was always known as the forbidden love story and was never spoken about but in reality it was a human and emotional story and he pointed out that his aim in this drama Daskon is to portray it more than just a forbidden love story. Ha can’t wait for the plot to develop because the history is interesting but can be boring sometime. Hope the pace of the overall drama increases so that we can get involved in the drama.

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